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    Flea and Tick Treatments

    Did you know that ticks arrive in spring long before mosquitos make their first appearance? They survive well after the first frost in late fall as well…If you have pets or even if you just like to spend time in your lawn then you know that dreaded feeling of finding one of these buggers on you. It’s unsettling and it’s also dangerous, with over 10 different transferable diseases, Ticks are more than just a nuisance. We can help by scheduling liquid broadcast applications to your lawn during peak season, this will also control many other insects such as spiders,cockroaches, termites, earwigs etc.

    Tips to get ahead of Flea and Tick problems
    Keep your lawn mowed consistently
    Keep your furry friends out of the woods and high grass
    Wear long sleeves when going out on a hike or trail ride
    Inspect your animals often for signs of flea and tick activity
    Hire Total Turf Management !