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    Because a healthy lawn starts with the soil

    A local company with roots in Mercer county, our goal is to keep the neighborhood looking green. The highest standards are always kept, from the way your lawn looks, how promptly your calls and emails are answered, all the way down to how our technicians present themselves on your property. Total Turf Management covers all of the bases, to ensure not only aesthetically pleasing results but a healthy lawn. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the field of turf and plant health and are here for you when the large national companies just don’t have the time or aren’t willing. Why settle for less with your average fertilizer and weed control plan? We can test your soil and create custom plans to give your lawn exactly what it needs. Located in Hopewell township we are only minutes away to stop by and answer any questions you may have. Ditch your national provider and see the difference LOCAL can make


    • (2) Pre-emergent applications for maximum control
    • (1) Broadcast blanket application of broadleaf weed control
    • (1) Broadcast application of grub, flea, tick and spider control
    • (6) Macro nutrient fertilizer applications with organic matter
    • Organic Matter
    • Biostimulants
    • Micro Nutrients
    • pH Balancing Liming
    • Continuous Spot Spraying


    • (1) Pre-emergent application
    • (1) Broadcast application of broad spectrum broadleaf weed control.
    • Surface insect control including flea, tick ant.
    • (4) Macro Nutrient Fertilizations