• Should I overseed my lawn every season?

    We recommend overseeding your lawn at least every other year to help fill in any bare spots or summer heat stress damage. Leaving bare areas in the lawn only encourages weed growth and disease. Remember, treating your lawn will not fill in bare areas, it will only help the existing grass flourish. Seeding is essential to a healthy lawn.

    I see weed and feed products at my local big box store, why should I hire someone to do this for me?

    While it’s true that there are products available to the public that can achieve some level of success, there is much more to the health of your lawn. Granular weed control products only work if the lawn is wet, they require moisture to stick to the plant and do their job. WE use liquid weed control products that penetrate the tissue of the plant and get right to work. We also use much more advanced fertilizers with many organic microbes and technology that is proven to yield results. Need we mention the time it takes? Remembering when to apply what? Leave it to us and be the envy of the neighborhood.

    Do you spray the lawn when treating for mosquitoes?

    Generally mosquitoes do not shelter in a properly maintained lawn, so we treat shrubbery around the home and the woodline of the property if applicable. These areas are where you can find them resting during the daytime hours. In the case of a special event we CAN treat the lawn where guests will be seated for an extra layer of protection.

    Does anyone need to be home when we make a service visit?

    No, as long as your gates are unlocked and we have access there is nothing more we need from you. Our technician will leave a door hanger informing you what services were completed and at what time.

    How do I pay my bill?

    We require a credit card on file for all services and you will be billed automatically at the end of each service period. You can cancel with 48 hours notice prior to a service, you are not locked in to a contract.

    I see the County spraying for Mosquitoes, why should I pay for your service?

    The County may spray your street for mosquitoes hoping to eradicate adult pests in the area of the truck. They cannot however reach all the hot spot areas in your yard, nor do you know when or how often they may come by. This is a service that needs to be performed continually for real results.

    Will I receive notice prior to a service visit?

    Yes! We offer emailed pre-service notification. You will receive an email the day you are scheduled in our system as well as an email the day prior to service. You can even opt-in to get a Text when the technician is on his way.

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